3 thoughts on “Character & Trust.

    • I completely agree, sister! Subhan’Allah, I constantly compare myself and the Muslims of today in general to the sahabah and our other predecessors; Imam Al Shafi’i RA, Salahuddin, Imam al Ghazali etc. and am amazed in the differences I read about. Nowadays, 15 year olds (and even 25 year olds and older) are going crazy about Pokemon Go, when back then they used to fight wars at those ages.

      We have our priorities completely wrong, wouldn’t you agree?

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      • That’s really amazing that you’ve set such high role models, mashAllah, tabakAllah. It’s good that you learn from and try and emulate the salaf and sahabah. It’s true, we do have our priorities wrong, but who do we blame for this? The majority of our youth come from homes that aren’t nurturing, where the parents are only there for financial support, where we don’t know what’s going on in the lives of our own family members, where we don’t connect on a deep emotional/spiritual level with each other. This is a major cause, at least in my perspective. But, alhamdulilah there is a lot of goodness out there too. Those men of character may be rare to come across, but alhamdulilah they do exist, and they stand out even more because of the stark contrast between these men and the rest of our societies.

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