I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a number of amazingly bright and kind people in my relatively new career. Here’s a couple nice things they have to say about me and my work.

Hanks Wang, Senior SAP Business Intelligence Consultant:

Mustafa joined our project as a BI Consultant to help with End User Analytics Training. He required very minimal training and was able to get ramped up without much assistance. One key quality that I would like to highlight is that Mustafa is able to produce quality deliverables without much direction. He is able to understand the iterative nature of SAP projects and can quickly turnaround any changes and feedback he receives. By producing training material, he was also able to digest the content and put the BI skillset to use. The clients viewed him as an experienced BI professional who understood the whole landscape. Overall, Mustafa is a smart and hardworking individual, any organization would benefit from having him on the team. I would not hesitate to work with him again in the future.

Rafael Avila, Senior Consultant – SAP Practice at IBM:

I had the pleasure of working with Mustafa for 6 months on an SAP implementation for a large global mining company. He is an extremely smart and well organized individual with a highly positive attitude. Mustafa is very easy to work with and his ability to learn new concepts quickly is refreshing and motivating. He is a very driven and hardworking person and is a very calming presence in stressful situations. I would work with Mustafa again in a heartbeat!

Ali Shakil, Senior Consultant at IBM Global Business Services:

It’s been a pleasure to have had the opportunity to both work as a student colleague and professional colleague of Mustafa’s. He is an extremely hard working and talented individual who is committed to the success of any initiative or project he is a part of. Seeing his work and presentations as a student at Ryerson in my middle eastern business society in class exemplified his ability to apply critical thinking to different business situations. He has proven that this is a transferable skills of his through his great project work at IBM as well. Keep up the great work Mustafa!

Debbie de Lange, Business Strategy Advisor and Professor:

“Mustafa has been my head teaching assistant over the winter term of 2014. He has done a superlative job in all ways. LinkedIn only allows me to choose three positive aspects, but I would choose all of them: great results, very personable and supportive, expert, good value, on time, high integrity, and creative and more! Also, he had the responsibility to oversee and coordinate with another TA and he did this expertly. I highly recommend him to any employer – they would be very LUCKY to have him and I was certainly lucky that he would do this job for me so well!”

Drew Cashmore, Sr. Director, Digital & Shopper Marketing at Walmart Canada:

“Mustafa has played a big role in developing marketing strategies for several major events at Walmart. His ambition, commitment and attention to detail has been a big source of inspiration for others on the team. He is easy to work with and driven by his quest for knowledge. You can always trust that he will be able to arrive at the right decision through a strong analytical approach.”

Grant Scothuis, Director Category, Beverage & Food at Second Cup:

“Mustafa demonstrates the ability to develop a deep understanding of business challenges and develop insightful recommendations and presents them in an articulate and professional manner.”

Sui Sui, Assistant Professor at Ryerson University:

“Mustafa did an outstanding job as a senior TA. By overseeing responsibilities and facilitating communication between other TAs, Mustafa demonstrated strong organizational, communication and time management skills. He was a great help to me, as he ensured the course’s administration and students were always looked after in a professional manner.”

Rizvan Merchant, Fulfillment Account Specialist at Walmart Canada:

“Mustafa is by far the hardest working individual I have ever met in my university career. His work ethic is unparallelled and his proactive demeanour keeps him ahead of the game at all times. His achievements, personally and professionally, speak for themselves. I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours and I am confident that he will be a great asset for any organization looking for a qualified business professional.”

See the other 30+ recommendations on my LinkedIn profile.


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